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Pages from Party History (Feb. 1929)


"Page from Party History"
by Jay Lovestone
Published by Workers Library Publishers, New York, n.d. [February 1929].

This pamphlet by General Secretary of the Communist Party, USA, Jay Lovestone, it a triumphalist factional shot at the minority opposition of William Z. Foster, Alexander Bittelman. This group formerly ruled the Communist Party during the middle 1920s, together with key allies James P. Cannon and Ludwig Lore. Party headquarters was moved from New York to Chicago by the Chicago-based Foster group, and back to New York City by Lovestone & Co. after Foster fell.
At least 80 percent of the Communist Party was behind him and his associates, Lovestone is happy to tell us here in this factional document put out in the run-up to the 6th National Convention of the CPUSA (New York (!!!): March 4-10, 1929).
Shortly after publication of this pamphlet, it would be time for Lovestone to get the boot, after trying to take on Stalin, Molotov, Lozovsky, and the Comintern apparatus head-to-head. The sitting Executive Secretary of the Communist Party USA was quickly removed and expelled and replaced by a troika by the Central Executive Committee. The CEC voted for the Comintern over Lovestone by a big margin, with defections by Max Bedacht, Robert Minor, and Jack Stachel particularly galling to Lovestone.

Scanned from a document in the Tim Davenport Collection.
Published in the USA between 1923 and 1977 with no copyright notice in original publication, public domain.

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